CBT sessions are provided on a 1:1 basis either face-to-face or via telephone and online, which are collaborative in nature.  This means that you will work together with your therapist to explore and help understand your difficulties, the impact they are having on your life and ways to make changes to your current situation for a more positive future.  I understand that talking about personal issues can be very difficult, so the aim is to make you feel comfortable and tailor the treatment appropriately to your individual needs. 

Using a variety of both behavioural and cognitive techniques, including Mindfulness, CBT can help you to effectively manage your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  Being able to break the cycle of negativity can enable you to feel better and be able to deal more appropriately with difficult situations.  Self help between sessions is an important part for therapy to be successful.  This helps to build on the knowledge and guidance gained during the therapy session, enabling the client a chance to put the coping strategies into practice in real-life situations, maximising success for making positive life changes.